Oh! How hot you are that you shine so bright
Yet you fall on my heart as cold as ice
Displaying love so right
Yet distributing hate like a spice
So beautiful you colour the night
Yet your eyes are like the death-darting eye of Cockatrice
Like two sides of a coin shining as light
Yet seizing the sight of all who stare, what a surprise!

What have you had or do you presently have in your life that you enjoy so much but you know can hurt or hurts you? Let’s discuss.

I’m all Yours

I’m all Yours:

My life is Yours
My feelings are Yours
My pain is Yours
My Joy is Yours
My peace is Yours
My hope is Yours
My failures are Yours
My achievements are Yours
My past is Yours
My present is Yours
My future is Yours
My plans are Yours
My flesh is Yours
My soul is Yours
My Spirit is Yours
I’m all Yours

Don’t Let Them Tell You Who You Are!

And she walked quietly past the boys at the corner of the hall, with her head faced down, buried in the pile of books in her hands. “Look! It’s Kimberly; World Ugliest Being” Mark said, and all his friends burst into laughter. Kimberly walked straight into the rest room and cried her eyes out. It wasn’t the first, second, third or even the last time this was going to happen.

Jackson was from an average family, he wasn’t the brightest in class and he was a stutterer. All the girls in school despised and always made fun of him. He couldn’t even attend Prom because he had no date; every girl he asked turned him down shamefully. This brought him down daily and affected his self-esteem.
We live in a world where almost every corner we turn to has something discouraging for us. As we pick up our mobile phones daily, we come across a lot of things online, some sent personally to us, and others, random things that just bring us down in some type of way.
Even when we don’t pick up our phones, the people we see physically don’t always help matters. These persons could be your family members, friends, colleagues or even a random person, that just have something negative to say to or about you. Many times we get to hear things like: “What does this small boy think he’s doing? In a short time, it’ll crash.” “This ugly girl just keeps hovering around my face” “She’s so dumb! Why can’t she just be like her friend Hannah?” “If only Jimmy’s shoes could talk, they’d have begged him to give them a break!”
The truth is that the negativity out there is through the roof! And yes! There’s little or nothing we can do about that. People will ALWAYS have every negative thing to say about you or what you do. But you have to get to the point where you realize that it’s NOT your responsibility to make someone like you or what you do; it’s solely their decision! If you go around trying to make people like you or accept what you’re doing, you’re really going to end up being a mediocre. Stop trying to please everyone, you weren’t made for that! Even Jesus wasn’t liked by everyone.
Sometimes, you hear certain things about yourself and you’re shocked that it’s you they are actually referring to. I personally, am a victim. The truth is that hearing negative things about yourself can stop you, but only if you let it. You have to be able to settle it with yourself that you’re going to keep hearing negative things about yourself and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, and so you won’t let it stop you or determine who you are.
I’m at a point in my life where the negative things I hear about myself no longer stop me, they slow me down sometimes but do you know what I do then? I pray, I pray that God helps me to move past them and then I go on to remind myself who I am and Whose I am (God’s) and everything I am going to achieve and how bright my future is!
Constructive criticism on the other hand is “the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one.” Copied. I believe in constructive criticism because I’m convinced that it’s one of the best ways to grow and be better. It doesn’t involve insults but rather sincere comments on both the positive and negative aspects of your work or even you as a person, all in a friendly manner. I think we all should try to pay attention to constructive criticisms because it’ll help us a great deal.
Try to be your Number 1 Fan! I’m usually the first to like all my posts on social media because I’m my greatest Fan. You don’t always have to wait for someone to tell you how beautiful or handsome you are or how good you look. You should be the first to tell that to yourself because your opinion about yourself matters more than anyone else’s and how you carry and present yourself, is how you’re going to be treated; if you see yourself as intelligent, bold, beautiful, handsome, confident, etc., that’s how every other person will see you and if you see yourself as the lazy, dumb and ugly one, that’s what others will see also.
I don’t know about you, but whenever I look at myself at the mirror and tell myself how beautiful, good-looking and brainy I am, my confidence throughout that day will be out of this world! So why not do it daily? If you walk around confidently, you’ll be respected. Go try it if you doubt me.
I’m also going to mention that you should try to put on what you’re comfortable in, it’ll boost your confidence. I’m sure most of us have being in situations where we have felt like hiding in a public place because we don’t like how we look; that’s usually quite funny and very embarrassing. Why not reduce the frequency of that by putting on what makes you happy and comfortable?
I think sometimes you may need a little push. You may forget who you are and what you carry and so that push may be required. That’s why we need positive and like-minded persons around us always. STAY AWAY from bad energy!
Lastly and most importantly, don’t leave God out of the picture. You’re made in His image and likeness; you’re the prince/princess of Heaven so act like it! Knowing that you have the backing of a Supreme Being is the greatest feeling you could ever experience.
So ladies and gentlemen, Don’t Let Them Tell You Who You Are, Tell Them Who You Are!
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Alma gemela

There I was in the crowd,
Amongst multitudes yet alone,
Sitting in the corner,
Left with nothing but my own entertainment.

I looked out the window and drifted off,
Whirling into my world unapologetically,
And there he was!
Staring right into my eyes.

I looked up at him and contracted the passion like conjunctivitis,
Smiling sheepishly,
And dissipating into his soul like Brownian movement,
Never wanting to be found.

Standing face to face,
With fingers interlocked,
Sharing the same air,
And eyes closed.

He whispered “Mi alma gemela,
My Soulmate,
I’ve managed to find you in this maze,
Never to let go, not even hereafter.”

The Death of Covid-19

Once upon a time, in the land of Humans, a King Muscha ruled a small village. He was a kind man and his people loved him.

On Saturdays, Muscha would send his servants to the Village Square, bearing food to share to the Villagers; this made the Villagers happy and pray that their King would live long.

On a certain Saturday, the Villagers assembled at the Village Square expecting their usual treat. They waited and waited but no one showed up, most of them left, many even cursed the King. But a village elder named Crasel, being disappointed and confused about the incident, was the last to leave the Square. He decided he was going to pay the King a visit. Thereafter, he returned home and retired to bed without eating or even speaking to his wife.

Early the next morning, Crasel went to the Palace to see the King, but the Palace guards did not let him in, this was strange because Crasel was an elder and elders are usually allowed into the Palace.

Puzzled on his way home, he met a woman who said to him “Go back to the Palace Crasel, the King is sick and at the verge of dying. His ailment is one that has never been seen. Go recruit soldiers from other Lands for this fight. The ailment is from the land of Virus, its name is Covid-19” then she disappeared. 

Crasel hurried back to the Palace and announced “I know the king is ill, and I can help!.” So he teamed up with the warriors of his Village, and they went to the Lands of Protozoa, Prions, bacteria and Fungi to recruit more soldiers.

All the Soldiers had to be trained before they could go to war. In the course of their training, King Muscha died. Angered by his death, they got their protective wears and ammunition, and invaded the Land of Virus at midnight when they were all asleep. They marched into Covid-19’s house and killed him, together with his entire family.

Alas, Covid-19 was defeated. They returned home victorious but of course with aching hearts due to the death of King Muscha.

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I’ll be still

When You chastise me,
If you rebuke or commend me,
Even if You’re silent,
I’ll be still.

When my world is shaking,
My oceans raging,
And my canoe adrift,
I’ll be still.

When my life situations,
Swallow me up like a flood,
Or even become volcanic eruptions,
I’ll be still.

No longer trying to figure it out myself,
I’ll sit back, and watch you take charge,
I’ll be still Lord,
And know that You’re God.

Into The Niche Of An Elder Sister

Anita where’s the peg bag? Anita why’s the sitting room dirty? Anita has everyone eaten? Anita why’s that toilet dirty?” Anita! Anita!! Anita!!! That’s what I keep hearing. Everything Anita.

Hello Master/Miss/Mrs./Mr., welcome back to Anidom! I’m glad you stopped by *xoxo*. Today, as you’ve seen above, I’m writing about Into The Niche Of An Elder Sister. 
The first female of a family is usually like a Queen. She has authority together with lots of roles and responsibilities placed on her shoulders. She’s like the second Mother of the home. “Second madam of the house” is exactly what my younger sister calls me. I asked her why and she told me “when mummy is not around, you do all the work, you’re the one who cooks, you tell me to sleep early, you kind of fill in for mum when she’s not around” these were her exact words. I was a little dazed when I heard this because it was in that moment I realized it was true; I had never really thought about it in detail before then.

It sounded nice and made me feel good but my sweet feeling was short-lived because it also made me realize how much I had to do and how seriously my younger ones look up to me. Honestly, it was a crazy feeling.

As elder sisters, we’re required to set the pace for our younger ones; especially our younger sisters. We need to lay the foundation and probably even start building the house. If you’re the first child, it’s even worse. We’re constantly under pressure not to “mess up” and to do everything correctly. Our parents are watching us constantly and so are the other family members. We are not free to do whatever the hell we want to do, we can’t even afford to. 

We are pressurized to be “perfect”. Our parents want us to read the best courses, get married to a man of the same tribe and probably even from the same village with us; it’s just crazy but very true. We have to get married and have kids “on time” and do everything they want us to do “on time”.

As elder sisters we are the most scolded, most disgraced and most insulted for every “little” mistake we make. Nobody tries to create space for our excesses, they just want us to be “perfect” at all times.

As elder sisters, we are the ones who suffer the inherent overprotective nature of our parents. They don’t want us going out to do anything even to buy something across the street. They want us indoors always and all day. 

Sometimes, it feels like we have monitoring spirits following us everywhere we go. They watch every move we make and suspect we’re doing something “bad” a lot. You know, one day, I went out with my sister (it was a miracle they let us go) and we got home like a few minutes past seven pm. The bolt driver and I had to clarify a few things concerning the payment so my sister and I didn’t highlight immediately. The next thing, I saw my mum literally running towards us, it was really funny honestly. Just when she got to where the vehicle was parked, the driver and I finished up. My sister and I highlighted the vehicle, greeted our mum and our conversation when like this

“What’s the problem?”

“There’s no problem. I was just paying him”

“Is it not your contact info he was asking for?”

“Mum, you’re acting like Dad right now”

It was funny and a little annoying at the same time. I know she was just trying to care for us you know, and I love love her for that but mehn, it was crazy.
We elder sisters are the ones our fathers look for immediately they get back from work. If I don’t go out to welcome my Dad when he gets home, he begins to look for me like I’m missing or something. We get to do most of the chores at home and we’re usually the ones scolded when others don’t do theirs; this can be so annoying.

But you know what, we don’t always get to “suffer” all the time. We are like bosses on our own, Queens!!! We get consulted for the way most things should go around the house, we don’t always have to lift a finger. We can just say “Glory, go get water for me” or “Alex go and buy me superglue” “Peace go clean the toilet” and we can seize our younger ones phones and discipline them too. This actually feels really good.Most times, we get want we want especially from our fathers. They feel we have a lot of sense so they believe we won’t ask for unnecessary things. We are highly respected by everyone in the family. We are mostly independent people and are the ones who tend to look out for others. We are not very used to being pampered so we may have a hard time showing that we want it; but believe you me, WE WANT IT!!! PLENTY OF IT!!!

We are usually not as girly as most other ladies because we have had to be strong when no one else was. I mean, things can be going badly at home and my younger ones could be crying but I won’t join them to. I’d rather hold my tears back, hold them and tell them, everything will be fine.

We have to sacrifice soo much. This may seem small to you, but not having to take that yoghurt or ice cream just to let my younger ones take more without them having to know I want it so badly is a sacrifice to me. Not getting my make over done just to make my sister look fabulous is a sacrifice to me, not watching what I really want to watch sometimes just to make my younger ones happy is a sacrifice, suspending everything I have and want to do in order to attend to their needs is a big sacrifice to me. 

I can keep going you know, but all I’m trying to say is that it’s really not easy to be an elder sister. And to all the elder sisters out there, always have it at the back of your mind that you’re awesome beyond any can ever describe you, you are fantastic and amazing. Keep being that best sister that you are, don’t give up. Most of all, don’t be hard on yourself, you’re also a person with feelings even if you have to ignore them most times, try to consider yourself sometimes and be good to yourself.

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Draw me close to the crux of your heart,
So I can get the message each beat holds,
Just like the tip of a dart,
Piercing my heart like an infarction, except that made of gold.

Each time you leave,
You take a piece of my heart along,
Torn in pieces and full of grieve,
I have had to wait so long.

I wish the oceans could sweep away my sorrow,
And the sun, show me the goodness of the day,
So I can once again feel life in my marrow,
Just like whenever “I love you” you say.

I want to hear you sing as loud as the trumpet,
Taking the Robin aback,
For your soft voice in my ears at sunset,
Makes me shiver like a drenched sack.

Hold my hands tightly,
Like the fierce clench of an eagle,
So we can walk a thousand miles finely,
Until alas, we are legal.

When I First Fell In Love

When I first fell in love,
I was really young,
I wasn’t even in a relationship.

When I first fell in love,
I didn’t even know I was in love,
Until he made me angry.

When I first fell in love,
I liked how I felt,
And who I felt it for.

When I first fell in love,
It was pure,
Without a tint or debris.

When I first fell in love,
Everyone around me knew I was in love,
There was nothing to hide.

When I first fell in love,
I can’t describe how it felt,
I just knew it was right.

When I first fell in love,
I needed no proof or confirmation,
I was secure in it.

When I first fell in love,
I didn’t care about anyone’s opinion of my Lover,
I just knew I wanted him.

When I first fell in love,
I forgot what it was like to not be in love,
Everything was in sync.

When I first fell in love,
I didn’t think there was anyone better than my Lover,
I was content and satisfied with everything.

When I first fell in love,
I didn’t have to overthink or second-guess,
I just knew it.

This poem above is pure and cannot be more real, everything there is true.
Have you ever been in love? If yes, how did it feel? How did you feel? Can you relate to the poem above?
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If I were a guy

If I were a guy,

Firstly, I’d have all the freedom I want,
No restrictions at home,
No chores too.
If I were a guy,
I’d have attended a mixed boarding school,
Gotten my first phone in secondary school,
And I’d be a football player.
If I were a guy,
I’d be soo hot,
I’d wear the most fashionable outfits,
And I’d probably be a player.
If I were a guy,
My hair cut would be either mohawk or punk,
I’d have beards cause I’m quite hairy,
And I’d be soo handsome.
If I were a guy, 
My favourite colour would be blue,
I’d be very good at video games,
Cause I already love them.
If I were a guy,
I’d be able to cook, and be so good at it,
I’d love my girlfriend so much,
And I’d make her happy with me.
If I were a guy,
I’d have a sweet tongue,
I’d use lip gloss,
And powder too.
If I were a guy,
I’d smell so nice,
I won’t shave the hair in my axilla,
And I’d be macho.
If I were a guy,
I’d dream big and be successful,
I’d be a good leader,
And a people’s person.
I can keep going..
If I were a guy, if a were a guy, if I were a guy…
This poem above is just to serve as a medium to remind you that you’re not a guy and you’d never be one, well except you decide to do a sex reassignment surgery; I won’t advise this though.
Don’t allow your gender limit you, you weren’t created a lady for you to be limited. Everything you want to do as a guy, you can do them even as a lady. There are NO RESTRICTIONS! You are your only limit, nothing else, no one else.
You want to dream big, dream big!
You want to be successful, be successful!
You want to be fashionable, be fashionable!
You want to lead, lead!
You want to go into politics, do!
You want to get a hair cut, do!
You want to be a football player, Be one!
There are no limits.
The One who made you a lady knew exactly what He was doing when He made you one.
You didn’t come to earth with a tag that reads “You are a lady, and so you have to be below every man and just be a house wife and functional in the other room.” No baby, you didn’t come with that. So it’s time to get up and get to work. 
I wish you the best life ahead!
Just for laughs though, ladies send what you think you’d have done differently if you were a guy and for the guys, what you think will be different about you if you were a lady.
I await your response.
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